PPL(A)  - Night VFR

PPL(A) - Night VFR

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Entry Requirements:

  • Age 16 years - skilltest not before < 17 years 
  • Class 2 medical certificate
  • Flight Radio Telephony Operators License in German and/or English language
  • Language proficiency Level 4 in case you target for an IR Instrument Rating


Privileges and conditions

A NIT (Night VFR) for aeroplanes will allow you to act as pilot in command (PIC) in non-commercial operations on aeroplanes SEP(l) or touring motor glider (TMGs). The exception to this is for holders of a PPL (A) with instructor or examiner privileges, who can be paid for the following:


1 Flight instruction

2 Conducting skill tests and proficiency checks for the LAPL (A) or PPL (A) and any associated ratings and endorsements.



Personal add on:


1) Class Ratings

  •  SET(l) Single Engine Turbine - you need to attend also a HPA High Performance Aircraft Course
  • MEP(l) Multi Engine Piston


2) other Ratings

  • Acrobatic
  • IR Instrument Rating (standard or CB IR Competence Based Instrument Rating)
  • Mountain Raiting
  • Seaplabe Rating (s)
  • Towing (Sailplane and/or Banner)


Experience requirements and crediting

You will need to complete at least 5 hours of night flight instruction on aeroplanes. 0 hours of which may have been completed in an approved flight simulator (an FSTD – flight simulation training device), including at least:


min. 3 hours of dual flight instruction,

min. 1 hours of  cross country flight of at least 50 km (27 NM).

1 progress check (not necessary, but it is our standard)

5 Full Stop-Landings 


Parallel you will get a 5 hrs. theory hold either in a class room or via CBT or video conference.


  • Terms & Condition

    Althoug the price is based on "fair use" and represents an all inclusive amount we will re-charge the student for any hour after passing the target hours for the Training course. The target is considered as legally required block time hours plus 1 hrs. For example  PPL(A) NIT:  5 hrs. + 1 hrs. = Target 6 hrs block time (Time-out till Time-in). 

  • Training - All inclusive! 5 hrs. Class/CBT

    1. Administration fee at Alpe Adria Aviation Academy
    2. Classroom Training 10 hours
      • Traing material ( Advanced PPL-Guide )
    3. CBT Training (Computer Based Training) 5hrs.
      • iOs & Desktop APP login @ AIRACADEMY
      • PEXO - Education Progress Check
      • Online Questions Trainer @ AIRACADEMY
    4. Flight Instruction 5 block time hours + 1 hours "fair use"
    5. Aeroplane 4 Seater - G1000NXi 
  • Additional investments - please check carefully!

    1. NO Membership
    2. Class 2 medical certificate
    3. Flight Radio Telephony Operator License
      • FRTOL Class room for BFZ (& English = EFZ)
      • Examination fee at Authority
      • (for IR Instrument Rating EFZ & IR = AFZ)
    4. Language proficiency at least level 4 (if, English is used e.g. IR)
    5. Flight Bag
      • Flight Bag
      • Flight Cap
      • Sun Glasses
      • ICAO Chart Austria
      • NAV Triangle 
      • NAV calculator or computer
      • Kneeboard
      • Pilot Logbook
      • Head Set (activ or passiv)
      • Survival Kit
    6. Airport Klagenfurt (LOWK) Entry Card
    7. NO! Theory - Examination fee at Austrocontrol GmbH (Vienna)
    8. NO! Skill Test 
      • aeroplane
      • Approach, landing & parking fees
      • Examination fee
    9.  Authority fee for paperwork
  • Skill Test

    You will NOT need to complete a skill test after you have completed all the flying requirements.

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